Add On Services

Email Spam and Virus Filtering 
Futura offers spam and virus filtering protection.  This service blocks spam and virus emails BEFORE they get to your computer.  This means you don't have to wait for all the spam to download, just to delete it.  Email viruses are blocked before they get to your computer so they never have a chance to execute and infect your computer.  This service is available for $2 per month or $18 annually. 


"Kid Safe" Surfing (Parental Control)
Our Kids Net software allows you, the parent, to take control of your child's surfing abilities.  This is a parental control software that is highly configurable that allows you to set levels at what your child can or can not view on the internet.  This software also provides you the ability to block chat, instant messengers or email if you so desire.  There is a free two week trial of this program.  If you like it, do nothing, it will automatically be billed to you at $3 per month.  If you don't want to keep it, simply contact us within the first two weeks and you'll never be charged for it. 


Basic Services

Dial Up
Futura ISP offers five types of dial-up access to the Internet in over 3000 cities nationwide. Some dial-up access plans are only available in certain areas. Please check the table below to check availability in your area.


Service Plan Coverage Area Payment Cycle Payment / Cycle
Futura Local Dialup Unlimited Schedule 'A' (Arkansas Only) Cabot, DeWitt, Little Rock
Click for access numbers.
12 months prepaid


Futura also offers and monthly or yearly e-mail service with POP3 access or webmail access for only $5.95/mo or $60/yr. 


Futura offers a wide range of web hosting services.  Contact our office for more details on how we can best meet your needs.  Email