Open Communications is in the process of migrating to new mail servers. If you have been experiencing log in issues, it is because we needed to change your short or numeric password to a new, more secure password in order to meet the raised standards.


Some customers may not be able to send mail at this time. I am working to fix this now. -joey 11/11/2015

Basic Mail Hosting will no longer be in service as of April 7 2015

Oct 2, 2015 - The POP server from our provider no longer working. Contact us if you want a GMail account using your futura email address.

We do offer GMail service, using your current E-Mail address, for $50 per year.

Any one who just wants forwards, you can purchase 10 Years for $20.00

You will be able to keep your email address at, cpomail, anaxis... ECT

I was able to get access to the old mail accounts. if you want your old mail moved to your new Google account, Call 501-303-6373. Or if you still have not upgraded, Call now to get started. 11/11/2015



If you have any issues logging in, please contact Support at 501-303-6373 and ask for Futura Support and they will transfer you. You may also send an email to



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