Q:  My bill is supposed to go to an address other than my Futura email address but it never comes in.  What's happening and how do I fix it?

If your Futura bill is being sent to a Yahoo, Hotmail or MSN email address, they may mark it as "Spam".  To keep it from going to the "Spam" folder is easy.  Simply add "billing@futura.net" to your contacts and it will no longer go to the "Spam" folder.  To do this click on "Contacts" or "Addresses"  and then click on "Add a Contact" or "New".  Then, in the email address blank type in "billing@futura.net" (without the quotes) and save the address.  If it is going to a different service, check with your email provider on how to approve mail coming from specific addresses so that it isn't marked as spam.